Ventura Air Connect is a leading airline Company based in Gujarat. Operates air charters, NSOP, and cargo.


In pursuit of effective and simplified communication, Ventura Air Connect recognized the need for a robust email hosting solution with reliable uptime. The company faced issues with its current email hosting provider, primarily due to frequent server outages that disrupted internal and external communication. These outages had the potential to affect contacts with clients, partners, and regulatory agencies, apart from hindering business communications.

One of the major challenges involved was the financial penalties incurred by Ventura Air Connect whenever their email servers experienced downtime. This not only impacted their operational efficiency but also affected their bottom line due to the penalties paid as a consequence of service disruptions.


After realizing the necessity of reliable email communication for Ventura Air Connect, Ideasplus implemented a comprehensive solution. The solution focused on creating a strong and highly available email hosting service. The aim was to ensure continuous and secure communication channel while eliminating downtime issues. The strategy included:

Migration to a Reliable Hosting Provider: The client was shifted to business class hosting from Ideas Plus with premium DNS known for its track record of uptime and reliability offering features such as redundancy, load balancing, and automated failover to guarantee uninterrupted email services.

High-Availability Architecture: The new email hosting setup was designed with high-availability architecture. This included redundant servers, load balancers, and failover mechanisms to maintain seamless email service even during server failures.

Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance: Ideas Plus deployed proactive monitoring tools to detect potential issues before they escalated into service disruptions. Regular maintenance and updates were performed to ensure optimal performance.

Penalty Coverage: To address Ventura Air Connect concerns regarding financial penalties for downtime, Ideas Plus signed up Service Level Agreement (SLA) with a 99.9% guaranteed uptime.


Elimination of Downtime: The strong design and proactive monitoring procedures virtually eradicated communication interruptions within the company.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency: Reliable communication channels led to improved operational efficiency for Ventura Air Connect. Employees could communicate and collaborate seamlessly, regardless of their location.

Cost Savings: The reduction in email server downtime protected the company from potential losses caused by disrupted operations and missed opportunities, in addition to financial fines.

Enhanced Reputation: Enhanced email communication positively impacted Ventura Air Connect interactions with customers, partners, and regulatory bodies. The company became known for its reliability and expertise in communications.