K. K. Haryani & Co., a distinguished chartered accountancy firm, has been a prominent player in the financial consultancy, statutory audit, internal audit, and tax management landscape for over three decades.


Data Volume and Security: With an ever-increasing volume of financial data and confidential client information, K. K. Haryani & Co. faced the challenge of securely storing and managing this data.

Data Recovery: The firm needed a reliable and efficient data recovery solution to ensure business continuity in case of unexpected data loss or system failures.

Cost Efficiency: As a professional services firm, cost-efficiency was a critical consideration. The firm sought a solution that offered competitive pricing without compromising on data security and reliability.


Recognizing the need for a comprehensive data backup solution, K. K. Haryani & Co. partnered with Staz, a trusted name in cloud backup services. Staz conducted a thorough assessment of the firm’s requirements and challenges, leading to the development of a customized cloud backup solution.

Scalability: Staz solution provided scalability, allowing K. K. Haryani & Co. to expand its storage capacity as data continued to grow, ensuring long-term data management.

Data Security: Staz implemented advanced encryption protocols and multiple layers of security to protect the firm’s sensitive financial data from unauthorized access and cyber threats.

Automated Backup: The cloud backup solution offered automated backup schedules, ensuring that critical data was backed up regularly without manual intervention.

Rapid Data Recovery: Staz included this feature, reducing downtime and guaranteeing business continuity in the event of data loss or system failures.

Cost-effective: Staz pricing model complied with K. K. Haryani & Co.’s financial restrictions and offered a reliable yet reasonably priced data backup solution.


The implementation of cloud backup has yielded several tangible benefits for K. K. Haryani & Co.

Enhanced Data Security: The firm now enjoys a high level of data security, with encryption and multi-factor authentication measures in place to safeguard sensitive information.

Improved Business Continuity: Improved Business Continuity: Quick data recovery capabilities have significantly reduced downtime, allowing the firm to continue its operations seamlessly even in the face of data loss incidents.

Scalability: As data continues to grow, the cloud backup solution has effortlessly scaled to accommodate the firm’s evolving needs.

Cost Savings: The cost-effective pricing structure has allowed K. K. Haryani & Co. to allocate resources more efficiently while enjoying the benefits of a robust backup solution.