AE Connect, empowered by the technology of connectivity headquartered in Gujarat is an Indian manufacturer of networking and connectivity products. From relatively modest beginnings in 2005 by a highly motivated individual, we have rich experience in providing high-class networking products and solutions. The company has grown and built its credibility over the last two decades with its best-in-class quality products that are high performing and extremely user-friendly.


AE Connect had been providing a 2-year extended warranty on their products as an added value proposition to their customers. However, the process of registering for this extended warranty was proving to be a stumbling block. Initially, customers were required to register their products on the AE Connect website to activate the extended warranty. However, the existing website lacked a dedicated registration form, causing confusion among customers and hindering the efficient processing of warranty claims.


In order to make their warranty registration process more accessible and effective, AE Connect realized that it needed to be updated. In order to address this issue and enhance the general customer experience, they collaborated with Ideasplus. As part of our remedy, we designed an easy-to-use warranty registration process for their website.

1. Requirements Gathering: We collaborated closely with AE Connect to understand their specific needs and requirements for the warranty registration process. This included collecting information about the necessary customer details and product information that needed to be captured.

2. Design and Development: Our team designed a user-friendly registration form that allowed customers to easily input their personal information, product details (such as model number and purchase date), and proof of purchase. The form was designed to be responsive and accessible across various devices.

3. Backend Integration: We developed a secure backend system to store and manage the warranty registration data. This backend system allowed AE Connect staff to access and review the registration records, making it easier to validate warranty claims when customers contacted them.

4.Validation and Testing: Before launching the new registration process, we conducted thorough testing to ensure that the form was functioning correctly and that data was being captured accurately. This included testing the form on different browsers and devices to ensure a seamless experience for all users.

5.Launch and Training: Once the testing phase was successfully completed, we launched the new warranty registration process on AE Connect website. We also provided training to their customer service team on how to access and utilize the backend system to retrieve registration records when needed.


AE Connect saw a number of benefits as a result of the revised warranty registration process’ deployment.

Enhanced User Experience: Customers may now navigate the website without difficulties and register their products for longer warranties.

Efficient Data Management: The backend system allowed AE Connect staff to access, review, and verify warranty registrations, streamlining the process of validating warranty claims.

Increased Customer Satisfaction: The improved registration process showcased AE Connect commitment to customer satisfaction, enhancing their brand reputation.

Reduced Errors: The new registration form minimized the chances of manual errors in capturing customer and product information.