Jabsons, a renowned brand based in Gujarat, India, specializes in producing and globally distributing peanuts and snacks. Operating through a network of distributor stores, Jabsons plays a pivotal role in expanding its brand’s reach worldwide.


Jabsons faced a primary issue involving miscommunication and inefficiency in the order placement process for its distributor stores. The existing telephonic ordering system resulted in several problems, including order inaccuracies, delays, and misinterpretation of order details. This adversely affected both distributor store operations and strained the relationship between the distributors and the authorized dealer. Addressing this, there was an urgent need to identify a streamlined solution to facilitate seamless order placement and effective communication.


Recognizing the need for a robust solution, Jabsons turned to Ideasplus for assistance. The objective was to develop a digital platform that could effectively tackle the order management challenges and enhance communication between distributor stores and the authorized dealer. The proposed solution involved creating a customized Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system tailored to Jabsons’ unique requirements.

Order Placement Interface: Within the CRM system, an intuitive and user-friendly interface was designed. This interface enabled distributor store owners to place orders manually, thereby eliminating the need for telephonic orders and reducing the likelihood of miscommunication.

Real-time Inventory Visibility: The CRM system granted distributors real-time visibility into available inventory. This ensured that orders were only placed for items in stock, minimizing situations where orders couldn’t be fulfilled due to inventory shortages.

Order Tracking and Status Updates: Distributor store owners could monitor their order statuses within the CRM system. Automated notifications were dispatched at various stages of order processing, enhancing transparency and reducing uncertainty.

Customized Order History: The CRM system stored the order history of each distributor store, empowering them to refer to previous orders and make informed decisions regarding current orders.

Communication Channel: The CRM system incorporated a built-in messaging feature that facilitated direct communication between distributors and the authorized dealer. This diminished the reliance on external communication channels like email or phone calls.


The implementation of the CRM solution yielded significant enhancements in Jabsons’ order management process for distributor stores.

Reduced Miscommunication: The digital platform eradicated the miscommunication often associated with telephonic order placements, resulting in fewer errors and order inaccuracies.

Improved Efficiency: Distributors could now place orders at their convenience, reducing the need for synchronous communication and enabling them to concentrate on their operations.

Enhanced Transparency: Both distributors and the authorized dealer gained access to real-time data, fostering greater transparency in terms of inventory levels, order status, and communication.

Stronger Relationships: The streamlined order process and improved communication led to stronger relationships between Jabsons and its distributor partners.

Data-Driven Insights: The CRM system generated data pertaining to order patterns and preferences. This data empowered Jabsons to make informed decisions regarding inventory management and product offerings.